Cute, Fresh, & Smokefree.

Living tobacco-free isn’t always easy, but it’s totally worth it. Let us give you some reasons, motivation and help to live free from tobacco for good.


Living That Tobacco-Free Life

Want to keep that body rocking? Want to feel and look good? Living tobacco-free is like that miracle cream that you never knew existed. Check out all of the things tobacco can do to you and your body.

Smoking can cause cancer almost anywhere in the body.

Every year, tobacco kills tens of thousands of LGBT people. That’s more than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, homicide, suicide, illegal drugs, and fires combined.

On average, non-smokers live 10 years longer than smokers.

Cigarette smoke contains over 70 chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

Smoking can stain your teeth yellow and cause tooth loss.

Smoking causes premature wrinkles.

The tobacco industry has tested its products on animals, killing thousands of dogs, rabbits and monkeys to make cigarettes more addictive.

Secondhand smoke causes more than 40,000 deaths in the U.S. every year.

Most people prefer to date non-smokers.


What Is Crush?

We've been around for over 10 years. Check out what we're all about and why tobacco-free lifestyles are our mission.

Military Proposal

Some people quit smoking for their health, others quit smoking for their eternal happiness. Watch to see why this military guy quit.

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The Struggle is Shared

We know just how challenging growing up being gay can be. But over time, that struggle has evolved into one of the most important reasons for living LGBT and smokefree.