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Crush Cutie

CRUSH is proud to announce Chandler Kramer as our featured CRUSH cutie.

With gays being such a minority in public as it is, Crush’s goal and mission is so important. We need to keep as many members of our community as possible, and tobacco is harming our members... not helping them.

Perhaps more than any previous Crush Cutie, Chandler Kramer understands the need for a healthy, smokefree lifestyle because he aims to make a living promoting good health.

Kramer was born in Arizona but grew up in Idaho (insert your own potato joke here), he is a volleyball enthusiast, a dog lover, undeniably easy on the eyes and a nursing student. That’s right folks, in no time flat this Crush Cutie will be checking vitals and rocking some sexy scrubs in a hospital room near you. Being that Kramer will be involved in the health industry, he fully knows both the risks and consequences of picking up a cigarette.

Aside from studying like crazy, Kramer loves outings with his dogs and staying active. He currently plays in the LGVA3 Gay Volleyball League and both enjoys and supports the continued progression of LGBT community in Vegas.

"I would love to see the LGBT community in the same direction it is going now. I think this community has come SO far from where it was even 5 years ago. I like to go to any LGBT events that I know of in town," says Kramer.

Want to feast your eyes on this Crush Cutie without having to visit the hospital? Come check out the next Crush event.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next CRUSH cutie? Email for more details.

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